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3D Editor


FLASHTEC is proud to present Map3D Cloud, the ultimate editor for chiptuning.
Thanks to the automatic map search and all the useful tools included in this software it's very easy to create a tuned file and obtain good power increments.


  • Multi-document environment
  • Visualization/Editor
            - 2D
                Add, Add%, Dec, Dec%, =Ori,=0, =FF, compare,Copy,Paste operations
                Cursor showing ori value ,mod value ,increment, increment%
            - 3D
                Add, Add%, Dec, Dec%, =Ori, operations
                5 Values operations for smooth 3D changes
                Wireframe / Graphic chart
            - Hex
                ASCII / Hex values
                Add, Add%, Dec, Dec%, =Ori, Copy,Paste,Trim Max,Trim Min operations
                4 Values operations for smooth changes
                Math Expressions to convert ECU data to significative data( i.e. Time advance in Degrees )
                Tuning profile, Software will hilight the common tuned area for each preset/map name
                Graphic background for easy data interpretation
                Automatic use of Bosch real breakpoint values if present
                Selected Row/Column 2D charts
  • Checksum
              Check'nGo! plug-in supporting more than 500 ECU algorithms
              Manual 8 and 16 bit Checksum match
  • Data Type supported
             8 Bit Signed/Unsigned
             16 Bit intel/Motorola Signed/Unsigned
             32 Bit intel/Motorola Signed/Unsigned
             32 Bit IEEE754 intel/Motorola Signed
  • File data Search
             Text search
             HEX Search
             8Bit / 16Bit /32Bit Values Search
  • Zoom
             1000x automatic/manual zoom for very small float data
  • Encryption support
             Siemens/Bosch/ME9/EDC16/Hi-lo/32Bt Swap
             File Import/Export with automatic encription
  • Dual eprom automatic support H/L
             Software can work with H+L files without need to merge and separate them manually
  • ASAP/Damos files import
  • Reference file
             You can load a REF File ( Original+Mod file ) and the software will detect the modified maps and automatically
             copy the modifications on the new file
  • Damaged flash files are automatically detected
  • Database and Drivers
             A Map database for most common ECU Type is included in the software
             Software can detect map shapes and create a Driver with map names and breakpoint info
             Map data can contain the tuned data, so automatic file patching/tuning is possible
             Private maps can be added on the customer's private database .
             Similar maps are grouped and tuned together
             Full Driver editor included
             Full database editor included
  • Automatic update of similar maps
  • Customer Info
             on every file it's possible to save additional info like phone number, license plate, note and so on,
             so it's very easy to keep track of customer's files.
             Search for texts in all file archive
  • File Manager
             File Archive divided in Make,Model and version folders
             No need to export files from software, just open the data folder and copy the file
             Send files by E-Mail
  • Cloud
             High security, all files are encrypted locally
             All the files can be syncronized automatically between multiple software installations
             automatic data back-up
             You can set-up your own Cloud Server and private workgroup to share data between Map3D users
             Cloud files integrated on the file manager with direct download
             Cloud common Questions and Answers

    Download Map3D instruction manual



    This software is designed to run on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 32bit/64bit, Windows 8 32/64bit.