Year 2019
(from rel. V3.2.0.1
82 to V3.2.0.192)

Year 2018
from rel. V3.2.0.175 to V3.2.0.181)

Year 2017
from rel. V3.2.0.159 to V3.2.0.174)

Year 2016
from rel. V3.2.0.153 to V3.2.0.158)

Year 2015
from rel. V3.2.0.141 to V3.2.0.152)

Year 2014
from rel. V3.2.0.131 to V3.2.0.140)
Year 2013
from rel. V3.2.0.115 to V3.2.0.130)
Year 2012
from rel. V3.2.0.98 to V3.2.0.114)
Year 2011
from rel. V3.2.0.89 to V3.2.0.97)
Year 2010
from rel. V3.2.0.76 to V3.2.0.87)
Year 2009
from rel. V3.2.0.62 to V3.2.0.75)
Year 2008
from rel. V3.2.0.41 to V3.2.0.61)
Year 2007
from rel. V3.2.0.07 to V3.2.0.40)
Year 2006
from rel. V3.1.0.1244 to V3.2.0.06)
Year 2005
from rel. V3.1.0.1218 to V3.1.0.1243b)
Year 2004
rel. V3.1.0.1217



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